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2020年8月28日 (金)

Depths of Complexity: 5 Ultra-Complicated Dive Watches

Most mechanical dive watches are priced under $10,000 (even though the iconic Rolex Deepsea, Sea-Dweller, and Submariner watches, as well as many Blancpain Fifty Fathoms models, might go for a bit more nowadays), but there are several types of fascinating dive watches that go way beyond that.

Most of these are ultra-complicated watches, for collectors who either have the financial means to pay someone to go diving for them, or — on a more serious note — those who simply do not want to go for a swim while wearing a perpetual calendar from Patek Philippe or A. Lange & Söhne (which is as understandable as it is recommended). Others are simply aimed at enthusiasts who appreciate high-end, robust watches (with more than a date for a complication) with the looks of a classical diver. Here are five that made my list.

  1. IWC Aquatimer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month (IW3794)

This boutique-only perpetual calendar features a rubber-coated titanium case and a rose-gold bezel; it is not only the most complicated IWC Aquatimer, but also the largest IWC watch ever made, with a diameter of 49 mm.

  1. Richard Mille RM 032

This flyback chronograph from Richard Mille offers a big date and power-reserve display and a locking crown that locks and unlocks the chrono pushers. The case is made of titanium and measures 50 mm in diameter.

  1. Breguet Marine Royale (5847BR/Z2/5ZV)

This alarmingly beautiful 45-mm watch from Breguet comes in (among other materials) an 18k gold case and is water-resistant to 300 meters. The crown at 4 o’clock sets the mechanical alarm, and there’s also a power-reserve indicator and a bezel-locking mechanism. And if you don’t like the rubber strap, you can order it on a gold bracelet as well.

  1. Blancpain X Fathoms (5018-1230-64A)

When it comes to complicated dive watches, Blancpain offers you by far the most professional option with this large, 55-mm mechanical watch that could actually compete with a dive computer. The X Fathoms combines depth measurement (up to 90 meters) with maximum-depth-reached memory, a separate indication on the 0-15-meter scale with an exceptional +/- 30 cm precision, and a retrograde five-minute counter for decompression stops. Oh, and it tells time, too.

  1. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving Pro Geographic Navy SEALs (1852470)

For all those dangerous missions far away, the Diving Pro Geographic from Jaeger-LeCoultre is fitted with a mechanical depth gauge and allows you to select a city simply by rotating the crown to display its time on a large disk at 9 o’clock. The 46-mm-diameter case is made of 18k rose gold and water-resistant to 300 meters.


2020年8月18日 (火)

How Far Below Can They Go? 4 Deep-Sea Dive Watches

From the WatchTime archives: These four extreme divers’ watches — listed in ascending order of their water-resistance level — are reliable companions for adventurers who explore the darkness under the sea.

  1. Mühle-Glashütte Rasmus 2000 (2,000 Meters)

The Glashütte-based brand developed this imitation watch in collaboration with research scientists from the University of Rostock, Germany. The 44-mm stainless-steel case has an easy-to-grasp rotatable bezel and an inner case of soft iron to protect the movement against magnetic fields. It is water-resistant to 2,000 meters. Mühle’s modified version of the Sellita self-winding Caliber SW 200 ticks behind a black, blue, or orange dial.

  1. Breitling Avenger II Seawolf (3,000 Meters)

The Avenger II Seawolf is water-resistant to 3,000 meters and has an attention-getting color scheme that calls to mind the unusual creatures that dwell at such depths. Self-winding Replica Breitling Caliber 17, which is based on ETA’s 2824, is COSC-certified and ticks beneath the bright yellow dial. The case is steel and 45 mm in diameter.

  1. Hublot King Power Oceanographic Exo 4000 (4,000 Meters)

Few divers’ watches can descend to 4,000 meters. Hublot’s Oceanographic is one of the rare exceptions. This model’s most recent variation has a 48-mm carbon-fiber case and a rubber strap that’s inlaid with white synthetic fibers. The timekeeping tasks are performed by the automatic HUB 1401 caliber, which is based on an ETA 7750 that has been stripped of its chronograph mechanism.

  1. Fake RolexDeepsea Challenge (12,000 Meters)

Movie director James Cameron brought this watch along when he descended into the Mariana Trench in March 2012. The watch measures 28.5 mm in thickness and 51.4 mm in diameter. Thanks to a 14.3-mm-thick sapphire crystal and a reinforced titanium caseback, the watch’s steel case and in-house automatic Caliber 3135 inside survived the plunge, despite the fact that the Deepsea Challenge was strapped to an exterior gripper arm outside Cameron’s special submersible, which dove to a depth of 10,898 meters. According to the Deepsea Challenge’s specified level of water resistance, the watch could have kept functioning more than 1,000 meters farther below the surface to a depth of 12,000 meters. This watch is not for sale.

2020年8月14日 (金)


I won’t say much about the history of dive watches. Those who are interested can search directly on Google. In the development of diving watches, Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Breitling replica Diving watches are all playing important roles. After long-term development, the current diving watch has become everyone’s first choice. Because they not only have a stylish appearance, but also superior performance.



The first Rolex waterproof watch was born in 1922. Although the first watch had excellent water resistance, it was very complicated. Therefore, Rolex released the world’s first waterproof watch in 1926 with an improved crown. The waterproof performance of this watch was also confirmed the following year. The young British swimmer Mercedes Gillis crossed the English Channel wearing this Rolex diving watch. The most important thing is that this watch is still intact after staying in the water for more than ten hours.

The original Rolex waterproof watch is now the best Submariner replica watches with 300M waterproof depth. Of course, this series has derived two more professional diving watch collections, they are Rolex Sea-Dweller with 1220M water resistance and 3900M Rolex Deepsea watches. Of course, the most popular Rolex dive watch is the replica Rolex Submariner 116610.



The first Omega diving watch sold on the market was the Marine watch, and this watch passed the waterproof test underwater in Lake Geneva in advance. But the first truly professional diving watch was born in 1957. This watch is now the hot Omega Seamaster Diver 300M. There are two main reasons for the popularity of the replica Omega Seamaster 300 diving watch. The appearance is in line with everyone’s aesthetic and cost-effective.



The Panerai brand is basically a diving watch, and the development of this brand is inseparable from the support of the Royal Italian Navy. Because the first Panerai waterproof watch was provided exclusively for these navies, at that time they also asked Rolex for help. The cooperation between Panerai and the Royal Navy has continued for a long time. In order to meet the higher requirements of the navy, the Panerai clone diving watch has also been improving.

Last year, in 2019, Panerai separated the Submersible collection that has been hidden in the Luminor collection. Today’s replica Panerai Submersible has grown into a quite professional diving watch series. Panerai Submersible PAM00389 replica is a very good choice.



The Breitling Superocean collection was born in the 1950s. This is when diving watches developed rapidly. The first Breitling Superocean watch born at this time has an amazing waterproof depth of 200M. So the birth of Superocean witnessed the success of Breitling diving watches. The design of these Swiss Breitling replica watches is relatively simple and maintains the logo with wings. The advantages of Breitling diving watches are cost-effective and rich sizes and styles. This classic replica Breitling Superocean A17391 is recommended to everyone.


Of course, there are definitely more than these brands of diving watches on the market, but these four diving watches are more popular choices. If you are still not sure which watch to buy, you can go to the shop that will sell the best replica watches in the world to choose from.

2020年8月 1日 (土)

The most important thing about the replica Rolex Daytona

The most important thing about the replica Rolex Daytona What you should know about the chronograph icon Rolex Daytona

Discover the Rolex Daytona : The chronograph designed especially for racers, he is one of the most famous timepieces and a sought-after collector’s item. After a start from the second row, he quickly became a myth. Today, the famous Daytona in steel has been the object of desire for many since Hollywood star Paul Newman wore an early version of the model. But not only that contributes to the success of the model: Rolex does not bring nearly as many Daytonas on the market, as could actually be sold. This, of course, fuels the desire for the most desirable replica watch in the world. The following article provides an overview of the history of the Daytona as well as info, pictures, wrist shots on the current models.

The fame of the replica Rolex brand is mainly the responsibility of Datejust, fake Day-Date, Submariner and GMT-Master. For many years, the manufactory focused on watches with three hands – stop measurements were not in the foreground of the waterproof Oyster collection. Although Rolex also produced chronographs, these with foreign works and in ordinary, classic cases without special waterproofness. Only later did they begin to equip the Oyster cases with chronograph movements.

The name was initially neither “Cosmograph” nor “Daytona” chosen – although the former was registered since 1953 for Rolex. On the dial of the reference 6234, which was built between 1955 and 1961 and cost around $ 200 at the beginning of the sixties, stood simply “chronograph”. Every year about 500 copies left the workshops of Rolex. A special success was the clock not granted: The first models were often for years at the dealer’s, as other manufacturers had long been established on the topic of the chronograph.

Today, the so-called Pre-Daytonas are rare and sought after 20,000 us are just the starting price in one of the rare models with a silver or black dial in a stainless steel case.

At the beach of replica Daytona, Florida, speed races were held starting in 1903, where new records were regularly set up. One of the most successful racers on the circuit was Sir Malcolm Campbell, who improved his own world records year after year in his “Bluebird” after his biggest competitor, Henry Segrave, was killed in a boating accident. As a British world record holder, Campell wore a Rolex in the 1930s – and also in the race. The robustness of his Oyster convinced him, as a telegram to Rolex from the year 1935 proves: “Yesterday in the record attempt worn Rolex watch, runs in spite of heavy demands still magnificent”.

The later race track of fake Daytona, an elongated oval with a slight kink, ran partly on the beach and the other half on the shore road. It was not until 1959 that the first races were completed on the tarmac, at the recently opened Daytona International Speedway, which was the fastest track in the United States at the time and one of the first “super speed bikes” in the world.

replica Rolex began its involvement as an official timekeeper in 1962, and a year later, the Cosmograph reference 6239 appeared. The nickname “Daytona” gave it to Rolex in the same year to emphasize its connection to the image-laden races. Thus, the winner of a race not only won a trophy, but also the cosmographers designed for racers. And because the replica Rolex Daytona was built for racers, the tachymeter scale on the bezel was significantly larger than most other manufacturers.

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